Sunday, July 4, 2010

Doomsday on the Broadway local: Day 7

Happy Independence Day! Or, as is possibly more appropriate, Happy Capitalism Day! Today Jonathan and I went to the mall to purchase an air conditioner. What could be more American? It's pretty crazy: this is my fifth summer in NYC, and the first in which I've been driven so mad by the heat that window units seem absolutely necessary.

Possibly crazier: the subway was pretty darn crowded for it being a National Holiday. We were headed out to the mall in "suburban" Queens, so we took the N into the city to turn around and take the R back out into the depths. (This may seem goofy to any non-New-Yorkers, but with any subway system sometimes you have to go back to go forward, or go up to go down, et cetera.)

And I came to an important conclusion. If I'd had to ride the R train every day, I wouldn't have lasted two years in New York. It's loud, it's crowded, and it's hot. Even when the N had old trains, they were different old trains - they had different seating arrangements, didn't have that dark "wood" paneling or the unusable arm rests that serve only to bruise my hips. R train riders, I feel for you. I truly hope that some of those mysteriously disappearing W trains show up on your line, and soon.

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