Thursday, July 1, 2010

Doomsday on the Broadway Local: Day 4

Now things are just getting weird. The N train I boarded at 9:05 this morning was practically a ghost train! Granted, that's a bit late for me, but it probably happens once a week or so that I hop on around that time, and trust me when I say it is rare indeed to see a train that empty on a weekday morning anytime before 10am. The train never filled up - there were still open seats after we left Queensboro Plaza. And I wasn't even in the last car! I can probably count on my fingers the number of times I've seen that happen during morning rush hour, and I've lived out hear for nearly five years.

I thought for a moment that maybe the upcoming holiday had thinned out the working crowd a bit, but there certainly hadn't been any relief on the ever-sardine-like 6 train that I rode 20 minutes later. Ideas? Theories? You tell me. Maybe all that noise from the fireworks in Astoria Park last night scared everyone out of the neighborhood - ya think?

Well maybe everyone was just laying in wait to board the evening trains, because my ride home was one of the worst in recent memory. Totally jam-packed N train, even though I had just missed a Q maybe five minutes before. The train stayed full up the whole way - I never did get a seat, not even after 30th Avenue. That basically never happens. Usually I can claim something after Broadway, but always after 30th, where approximately half the train gets off. But not today, much to the chagrin of my aching back. (The kidney stent comes out tomorrow, by the way.)

Four very different days so far. Strange indeed. No riding tomorrow, just adventures in kidneyland. But I'll try to find some way to keep you all entertained...

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