Saturday, July 24, 2010

Doomsday on the Broadway Local: Day 27

Too darn hot. Normally Saturday would not be a hide inside, abstain from the subway kind of day. But today I just couldn't do it. I needed to finish my zine for the Twenty-Four Hour Zine Thing - which I successfully did, thanks. And after that, well, sheesh. I thought about going out to copy it, but... but... still too darn hot.

I'm the tiniest bit sad: the MTA realized their omission and slapped an M over the errant V remaining at the corner of 53rd Street and 3rd Avenue. Don't know exactly when, just sometime in the past few weeks. I knew I should have taken a photo. But you know what though? I bet it will be positively AGES before they get around to swapping out all of those awesome metal braille plaques...

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