Thursday, July 22, 2010

Doomsday on the Broadway Local: Day 25

I'm discombobulated today. See, my office is moving. Not buildings, just floors. Most of my office is on the 13th floor. (Yes, really.) I used to sit up there. Then they moved me to the basement. (Yes, really.) So, most of the company is moving from 13 to either 11 or 12. My little department is moving from the basement to 11. And for whatever reason, we had to be packed up by last night. 13 was still packing today. They're mostly done, but I guess a few people will still be packing tomorrow. So I went into the office today... but I had nowhere to sit. I had no computer. I had no phone. I had no files. I had nothing.

The whole thing is making me vary anxious.

Nothing particularly interesting happened on my rides today, nothing that I remember anyway. I'm interplanetary.

Here's the awesome part: I have to go in tomorrow too. :-/

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