Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Doomsday on the Broadway Local: Day 23

The morning train was a-ok. I stormed out of the house without Jonathan, don't even remember why now, but it gave me just perfect timing for a fairly empty Q train. Got my favorite corner seat and updated my date book on the way in. He never talks to me when we ride the train together anyway; just checks his email on that damn phone. Humph.

I came home a bit later than usual for a Tuesday, for two reasons. First, I got locked out of the basement. See, I've been sitting in the basement of my office building for the past six months. We're finally moving this week to floors that can actually accommodate us. But when I was upstairs collecting some moving crates, the last few people left the basement and locked the door. I have a key - it was with the rest of my stuff, you know, behind the locked door. I had to have one of the cleaning ladies come let me in, which of course wasn't at all embarrassing.

Then, once I finally got my stuff and got out of there, I realized I'd forgotten to go pick up my prescription during lunch. And then at the drugstore I accidentally stole some Oreos. (So not my fault! I thought he rang them up! I'm 32 years old; I do not intentionally steal cookies.)

So when I finally got to the train, cookies and drugs in hand, rush hour was basically done. Nice quiet ride home.

Maybe the universe knew I needed some peace. Peace, and cookies.

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