Monday, July 19, 2010

Doomsday on the Broadway Local: Day 22

This morning reflected what I think the MTA must have had in mind as an optimal rush hour ride. The train moved at a comfortable clip, and even after making all of its Astoria stops my car carried only a comfortable scattering of standing riders. It was a pleasant morning.

Alas. My evening ride home was the picture of all of my Doomsday fears. Overcrowded platform that makes a person nervous to stand near the edge. A car packed full of tired, hot, frustrated riders and not a seat in sight. My back aching enough to bring tears to my eyes. Doors being held by self-important riders at every station, making the journey take all the longer. Certainly not the worst ride I've ever had, but also not something I could stand doing every day. Thing is, I know my line has it pretty easy. E Train riders, I am so sorry. I'd be really interested to hear what effect this M Train switch is having.

Speaking of which. On Sunday the hubby and I walked over to Steinway to pick up our first delivery from Holton Farms CSA, which we're totally psyched about. (They're still signing up members, by the way, and they have dropoff points all over NYC...) Anyway, we ended up walking down Broadway coming off of Stienway and there it was: A subway stop labeled R, M. Stopped me in my tracks. So weird! No G, and certainly no V given that it doesn't exist anymore. Ah, change. It is the difficult.

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