Saturday, July 17, 2010

Doomsday on the Broadway Local: Day 20

In the summer, in the city. Not too bad for Saturday travel. I'd had a lot of fears about this - weekend travel after all the cuts and rearrangements - but even given all of last weekend's malarkey it just hasn't been that bad.

Not a lot of subway traveling done today - just a jaunt from our Astoria stop into the city, 57th Street, and then back again a few hours later. After an appointment we stopped into the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle for a while. Then for once we took a moment to absorb the grandeur that is The Shops at the Time Warner Center. That place is nuts. The Williams Sonoma there is enough to make me dream of some Other Life - one where I, like, own a house. Although nothing they do can make me imagine that I need a chair that costs $1400 even though it was mass-produced in Sri Lanka.


Waiting for the train back I noticed how oblivious I've been. (What an odd statement, no?) The signs for the central tracks at 57th which have been the object of such scrutiny (by me), still the terminus of the weekend and evening Q train, have indeed been updated to reflect that they are such. I think the entire moral of that story is that I am lame and should read more carefully. And you should too! (Nope, really, probably just me.)

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