Friday, July 16, 2010

Doomsday on the Broadway Local: Day 19

Nothing really special to report today, though I did ride home from midtown on the 7. Coming home on the 7 train is always something a little bit special. It looks something like the old N trains, in exotic shades of yellows and oranges, except that the rows of seats extend the whole length between doors without a break. But they're still that partitioned sort of 70's bucket seat. The ultimate effect of this is that it's almost impossible to use all of the spaces. Through no fault of their own, really, The People of Queens just aren't that damn narrow. (Goodness knows I'm not.) Start stacking them one after another after another after another, and at some point you're just going to have to leave an empty bucket for a little bit of overflow.

Fortunately the 7 train comes approximately 3 times more often than the N and (I want to say W) Q combined, so they're never really all that crowded. The line terminates at Times Square, so if you're catching it at one of the few stops in the city you're never too far from the end of the line. There's always a huge flux at Queensboro Plaza, so there's always a chance of snagging a seat there, should you be continuing on to the deeper regions.

We, of course, detrain at QBP and wait for something yellow to snake its way up from beneath the river. We, of course, watch two or three more 7 trains pass by before this happens. This is the way of things, and for the most part we accept it. Are we a little bit resentful? Well, maybe. But the 7 train gets picked on more than its fair share for some reason when it comes to construction, and on those weekends I do not envy them.

Shuttle bus service to Flushing? No thank you.

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