Monday, July 12, 2010

Doomsday on the Broadway Local: Day 15

Today was pretty much charmed as far as my subway riding was concerned. My morning was unusual, as it began with a trip to the lab. (They took all of my blood. I'm making more now.) So instead of my usual second-stop-on-the-train alight, I had to board at 3oth Avenue, a dreaded third-stop-on-the-train. Well, given that I used to live at the 30th Ave stop and I'm more than well aware that it often leads to the desperate tears of standing room only, even in the last cars, I had braced myself for the worst. Imagine my surprise when I jumped on the train that was arriving as I swiped through the turnstiles and got myself a seat, in a middle car no less! My best conclusion is that it was a smooth morning, and my feet and I are thankful for it.

In the evening, I hit the bottom of the 59th Street escalators just as a Q train was leaving the station. Damn. So I had to wait for a train... for about 60 seconds. The train that came had a seat for me and my extraordinarily tired self. (Do me a favor - remind me to start going to bed earlier?)

On days like this, I take a moment to say thank you to the train gods. Fear them, love them, but most important of all thank them when they are nice to you. You just never know where politeness will get you in those vast dark catacombs. Hey, it couldn't hurt.

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