Saturday, July 10, 2010

Doomsday on the Broadway Local: Day 13

Wow, did they truly destroy the trains on this fine Saturday. Picture this: During the day, the R train terminated at 57th Street... sort of. If the train announcer was to be believed, it was somehow bypassing all of the stations between 57th and Queens Plaza, because passengers were being told to get off at 57th to get the R train both to Queens and to Brooklyn? WTF?

And that's not all. The Q train terminated at 42nd St / Times Square. Mmmm... kay. Why? For construction. Where, exactly? Between the N, the Q, and the R, every bit of track was being used somewhere or other. Sometimes I think the MTA just makes things up. (I'm sure of that, actually, bless their little hearts.)

I did not in fact come home on Saturday night until Sunday morning, but I have personal rules about when a day switches over. So we're calling it Saturday. And on Saturday night at 1am, the Q train was not terminating at 42nd street, but nor was it going to Astoria. It was terminating at 57th Street. Ah ha! Thus the mystery of the signs at that station is solved once and for all - they won't be changing, because sometimes it's still true that the train on the inner side of the Queensbound platform will in fact be headed to Brooklyn. It will be true on "late nights" and weekends.

This is annoying. First of all, if you're going to take away our train, replace it for real, fuckers. Second, when does "late night" begin for the Q? Nothing seems to tell me this, and there is no strict definition in the MTA lexicon for this particular phrase. On the W line, for instance, "late night" originally meant 9:30 pm but was then changed to 11pm. (Because, you know, they realized a mere two years ago that we needed MORE TRAINS. Bitches.) On the R, it means midnight. And so on.

Oh, you fickle Broadway line, you and your crazy ways. Will we ever cease to dance this dizzy dance of ours?

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