Monday, June 28, 2010

Doomsday on the Broadway Local: Day 1

Today being the first real day of the new regime, the "Doomsday" cuts and changes set into action, I was prepared for the worst. Given that I live at the second stop on the Astoria line I wasn't too worried about my morning commute - though by Queensboro Plaza things can sometimes get pretty harry if the trains have gotten behind. The view from the bench... well, it's best left undescribed.

But this morning's ride in on an N - though I was hoping to see one of these Queens Q trains, I had an early doctor's appointment to make so I couldn't wait around - was if anything a bit less crowded than usual. That could of course be specifically because I was out a good half hour to 45 minutes earlier than normal, but it's hard to say.

(And while I'm at it, can I just say what is UP with the north staircase of the southbound track of the Astoria station? Come on people. Get that sh*t fixed already.)

When it came time to come home, I set my jaw and prepared for the worst. But descending the escalator at 59th street I was surprised to see a much smaller crowd on the platform than usually greets me at just-after-six. Again, you never know; it could have been timing. I could have been 30 seconds behind back-to-back R trains - happens more often than you'd believe, and it clears out the joint pretty good. Either way though, I got a seat all the way home, and thank the public transit gods because my kidney was killing me.

So day one for doomsday wasn't very doomy at all, at least for my rides on the good old Broadway Local. What this means, nobody knows. Perhaps we'll know more tomorrow.

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