Monday, May 3, 2010

So what are they doing to our subway?

A summary of the subway service changes:

Subway and Staten Island Railway
  • Reduce Weekend Train Frequencies to Accommodate Construction Work
  • Revise Off-Peak Service Levels – Change Maximum Loading Guideline from No Standees Per Car to 10-18 Standees per Car (from 100% of a Seated Load to 125% of a Seated Load)
  • Operate G Between Court Square and Church Avenue at All Times
  • Extend Q to Astoria and Operate N Local North of Canal Street to Replace the W
  • Extend M to Replace the V Between Broadway-Lafayette Street and Forest Hills-71st Avenue, Discontinue M Between Essex Street and Bay Parkway (Note: route letter designation changed from 1/27/10 proposal).
  • Discontinue Staten Island Railway Baseball Special Service
So... now not even traveling during non-rush-hour times will save us from overpacked subway cars (this is really a nice way of saying that the trains won't be coming as frequently, and therefore will be more crowded) - I shudder to think what getting to and from work will be like. Something just doesn't smell right here. They're raising our fares and covering every available surface of the trains - inside and out - with advertisements, and yet their costs are still going up and up and up and none of it is helping to close the gap? Or is this really an issue of some kind of raging mismanagement (misappropriation?) of funds and resources? Is the MTA (supposedly a public service) under the impression that it should be operating at a profit?

If you're interested, you can read the full 127 page report on the cuts.

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