Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Five months?!

Wow. It has been an unbelievably long time since I've posted here. I could tell you that the project has not died, not in my heart anyway. There was a rather glorious J train ride - I was even accompanied by the fabulously talented Sarah Riley for the adventure. But somehow I have not yet written it up or even posted the photographs.

I have the same old crappy excuses: health, wedding, bla bla bla. But the wedding is now finished - I'm a Mrs.! And with the exception of some nasty wisdom tooth stuff, my health seems to be trucking along.

And now there's actually a bit of pressure: Jonathan and I have made a semi-formal decision to leave New York. We love this city, we really do, but it is a difficult place to be, particularly for me physically. I don't know that it's too great for either of our stress levels either. Not to worry though. The earliest we'll go is May of next year, giving me well over a year to ride the rest of the trains. I just need to get back up on it...