Monday, July 6, 2009

One year down, and I am no hero.

One year down and there is not a sound.

Well, actually there's lots of sounds - the subway is a very loud place. Sorry, 90's indie rock reference.

So, believe it or not today marks the first anniversary of my A Train ride - the first of what would prove to be seven in year one of The Subway Project. I knew that it would be slow going. But I'll admit, I thought I'd be farther along by now. The intention, luckily, never was to do it quickly though. The intention always has been to do it right.

In that vein, I've begun a new phase of this multi-media adventure. Each train post has been very photo heavy, but even so I've only included a fraction of the images captured on each ride. For example: on my B Train ride, I took 180 pictures. It's just not reasonable to put that in a blog post. *However.* There are whole websites dedicated to nothing but photo posting, and I've now commandeered yet another little piece of the digital landscape to dedicate to the images of the subway as seen through my eyes (ahem, camera).

So, once I get everything uploaded, you'll be able to see my whole photographic journey on each line. If you'd like to lift these images for non-profit-making purposes, honestly, feel free. All I ask is that you give a little shout out to me and the project.


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