Monday, March 16, 2009

This is getting ridiculous.

I haven't ridden a train yet this year! I mean, I ride a train pretty much every day. But, you know. I haven't ridden a train, like, for the project, since my G train ride back in December. And I haven't even blogged that one!

Sadly, having a bum foot does not lend itself to spending six hours taking photographs on a subway train and in its stations. But the foot's clearing up thankfully. And on the subject of the G train, there were confirmed sightings of that ephemeral being above Court Square on President's day - proving that my Federal Holiday theory is correct! Now only to catch it - I don't have another federal holiday off of work until May, ho hum.

Bear with me all. The project is not forgotten. It's just been a long, cold winter.

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